Maintenance Agreement

Preventive maintenance is essential for all your HVAC Systems. QC Mechanical provides preventative maintenance packages to ensure your systems are receiving the service they need to avoid costly repairs.
Regular maintenance will extend the life of your HVAC systems and will also help increase the efficiency of your systems and lower utility costs. Manufacturers and warranty companies will require preventative maintenance to be performed and documented on a regular basis to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty.

QC Platinum Member


  1. Plans starting @ $14.95/month
  2. 2 Maintenance visits per year (heat and cool seasons)
  3. 15% off any repairs
  4. Priority Service – Jump to the first in line
  5. Inspect and clean all drain lines


  1. Free Estimates
  2. We recommend 2 visits per year at the very least
  3. Replace Filters
  4. Clean coils
  5. Check/replace belts as needed
  6. Inspect contacts
  7. Inspect relays
  8. Inspect condenser fan / motor
  9. Check refrigeration pressures
  10. Check Capacitors
  11. Check and clean all drain lines
  12. Inspect Heat Exchanger
  13. 10% off any repairs
  14. Priority Service
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